Friday, April 18, 2014

Poetry Friday - Take 2!

If you could see my office right now, you'd probably be shocked at how messy it is. I have piles of books EVERYWHERE. All the books I've been pulling for my National Poetry Month posts, the books on economics from class last week, and all my inter-library loan books are scattered about the floor! I guess it makes sense that out of this chaos came these book spine poems from my collection of poetry books.

Poem 1

Summer beat
Messing around the monkey bars
Oh, grow up!

(I so wish I had a book titled Never!)

 Poem 2

Toasting marshmallows
Keeping the night watch
Flicker flash
Fireflies at midnight
Sky magic

If you haven't been by already, be sure to check out all the wonderful poetic things being shared and collected today by Robyn Hood Black at Life on the Deckle Edge. Happy poetry Friday friends.


  1. OOH. What a great idea this was!!
    And now we need to write a book of poetry called "NEVER!"

  2. Amazon of course has the title that you might or might not want:

    These book spine poems are so much fun. Love the Summer Beat one. And I paired Flicker Flash and Fireflies at Midnight in a spine poem, too:

  3. These are great, Tricia - and I'm glad Buffy chimed in, because I was wondering where I'd recently seen Flicker Flash in a book spine poem! (It makes such a good line - and I like yours ending with another favorite collection, Sky Magic.)