Monday, November 02, 2009

Another Reason I Love Weekly Events

Why do I participate in kidlitosphere events like Nonfiction Monday and Poetry Friday? Well, in part because I love nonfiction and poetry, and in part because I know I'll have a post topic on those days. After blogging for nearly three years (yup, check that blogoversary counter on the right - just a few more days!), I sometimes need a bit of help in deciding what to write about. However, one of the biggest reasons I not only participate, but visit the other blogs is because I find NEW-TO-ME, AWESOME blogs.

Here's today's find and it's a treasure.
Playing By the Book - Launched in July of 2009, this is a blog about "kids’ activities based on our favourite children’s books." The author reviews the books she reads with her daughters and then shows readers all the fun, creative things the books inspire them to do. Check out some of these ideas inspired by books.
There is so much to explore here. Do take some time to visit. I know you'll be inspired by these amazing projects.

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