Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quick Hits - Some Posts of Interest

I'm way behind on my blog reading. I haven't read a single post in the Winter Blog Blast Tour (WBBT for short) yet! But, I am saving those for the weekend, when my computer and I shall be united for too long to mention. Until then, here are two short posts that caught my eye.

John Green - On Liking Twilight

Roger Sutton - One Question or Two?


  1. John Green makes me smile. He's right, of course, but just because I agree doesn't mean I am joining anyone's "team."

    Also: Roger Sutton is hilarious. I love how he points out the things some people would rather not acknowledge. Irony abounds...

    Hope you and your computer have a joyous reunion.

  2. thanks for those links! I think I'm even further behind in my blog reading than you, but it was well worth my time to read those posts and comments.