Friday, November 13, 2009

Poetry Friday - Sifting in the Afternoon

Today I'm sharing a poem from the November issue of Poetry magazine.
Sifting in the Afternoon
by Malachi Black

Some people might describe this room as spare:
a bedside table and an ashtray and an antique

chair; a mattress and a coffee mug;
an unwashed cotton blanket and a rug

my mother used to own. I used to have
a phone. I used to have another

Read the poem in its entirety.
The round up is being hosted by Greg K. at Gotta Book. Do stop by and take in all the great poetry being shared. Before you go, be sure to check out this week's poetry stretch results. Happy poetry Friday all!


  1. "to watch
    a particle of thought dote on the dust"

    Yes, that is sometimes quite enough...

  2. As a child I remember spending time lying in my bed during the afternoon and watching the the dust specks dance in the stream of sunlight. Magical.