Monday, April 04, 2011

Monday Poetry Stretch - Going Buggy!

Today I wrote a post about insect poetry. Preparing it had me reading everything from serious to light verse in a range of forms. I had a lot of fun doing it. That got me thinking that writing some buggy poetry might just be a lot of fun.

Just in case you need a little inspiration, check out What Bee Did by the amazing Julie Larios.

Leave me a note about your insect-inspired poem and I'll post the results here later this week.


  1. Tall Moth Tale

    Come quick--
    I found something,
    beating its wings
    so violently
    against the window"
    I could hear it
    on the stairs!

    I think I know
    what it is--
    a Giant Moon Moth
    the size of my thumb.
    It's completely white and
    camouflages against the moon;

    Come; we'd better
    let it out, before
    the violent beating
    of its wings
    shatters the window--


    I saw a mouse inside my house
    Munching on a hunk of cheese,
    It stared at the trap I set up
    Then tiptoed away ... what a tease!

  3. Butterfly and Moth

    Butterflies wear designer suits.
    Moths get theirs at K-Mart.
    Butterflies are rainbow beauts.
    Moths all wear the same art.

    Butterflies migrate nonstop.
    Moths are not so daring.
    Butterflies sip flower pop.
    Moths eat what you’re wearing.

    By Steven Withrow

    Twin lady beetles
    Climbing the winter window—
    Come back, warm red June!

  5. dragonfly days

    while ants have leaves for draggin' I
    just zig on breezes zaggin' by
    and while I don't like braggin' why
    it's great to be a dragonfly

    (c) Carolyn Arcabascio, 2011. All rights reserved.


    Mother, do not let your
    grief overwhelm you.

    Let not your guilt
    cripple you. You did

    your best. You picked
    the hops for its juicy

    aphids. You gave your
    children a good start.

    That's all a coccinellid
    can do. For the farmer

    the decision was easy--
    let the children burn.

    Save the beer!

    © Diane Mayr, all rights reserved

  7. Little Brother Lament

    My brother really bugs me—
    he pokes me with his wings.
    He tickles me with all six legs,
    and when I sleep, he sings.

    He's got a whiny, buzzy voice.
    He gives me sticky hugs.
    I fly away, he follows me.
    My brother really bugs.

    --Kate Coombs, 2011, all rights reserved

  8. Lovin' all the buggin'!


    Oh me, oh my, I see a fly,
    Buzz 'round my window pane,
    Why it's been there, a year, I swear,
    It's driving me insane.

    © Carol Weis, all rights reserved

  9. Tricia,

    Your Poetry Stretch inspired me to do a themed post at Wild Rose Reader with many of the insect poems that I have written.

  10. Thanks for the good poems and stretch. I've written an insect related acrostic limerick. A tough, but fun challenge. :)

  11. Prehistoric Good Looks

    The horned fungus beetle's a tough-looking chap,
    with prongs on his snout and two horns on his cap.

    He's bumpy and lumpy and feeds on dead wood.
    He'll play dead himself, if you're up to no good.

    While munching a mushroomy polypore,
    this rascal resembles a dinosaur.