Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mad Magazine Fold-Ins

While most of my teenage friends were reading Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine (okay, me too!), I had a secret crush on Mad Magazine. Folding the cover was the best part, so I waited until I'd read it all before creasing my magazine. I also didn't want to fold it unless I thought I knew the answer (I usually got it wrong).

Thanks to the New York Times, I've been able to revisit some terrific covers. You can too at Fold-Ins, Past and Present. This is an interactive feature that lets you drag the edge of the magazine cover to fold it and reveal the hidden image and answer to the question at the top of the page. It's brilliant!

**Warning** - Do NOT click that link unless you have some time to kill! (You will find 23 covers, ranging from the 60s to the present.)

Thanks to Neil Gaiman for helping me procrastinate today.

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