Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday Poetry Stretch - Odd Cinquain

A cinquain is a poem with five lines in the following syllable pattern: 2/4/6/8/2. Since I spent the day in a math workshop today, I'm thinking numbers, lots of numbers. We covered properties of numbers, including even and odd, and I think the odd numbers need just a little bit of love. I'm proposing to write "odd" versions of cinquains this week. Instead of following the traditional pattern outlined above, let's try writing them in the pattern 1/3/5/7/1.

That's it. Leave me a comment about your "odd" cinquain and I'll post the results here later this week.


  1. This was difficult but quite fun! I am supposed to be writing report cards this week but I used your challenge as a distraction. It took me several days, in the course of which the cherry tree I was watching lost all it's leaves. Here it is.

  2. That was harder than evens, somehow.

    I was trying to grapple with large ideas with small words. It didn't really work, but this is where I am as of this moment:
    Opened hands,
    Held out and holding;
    Pull you close, the wide world shrinks.

  3. I wrote mine as part of my 15 Words or Less roundup this week:

  4. Ooh, Tanita, I really like that. Love the shrinks./Linked. Great sounds and images of interlocked arms!