Sunday, April 03, 2022

NPM 2022 - Day 3

Today's poem is written to a miniature pair of underpants I found among my father's old war letters. I laughed when I first saw it, and then laughed even harder when I thought of my grandmother opening the mail and receiving it. I'm convinced my grandfather would have appreciated the joke, but my grandmother? Not so much.

This poem is a dodoitsu, a 4-line poem with a syllable count of 7-7-7-5. The dodoitsu "often focuses on love or work with a comical twist." The post What is a Dodoitsu? contains more information about this Japanese form.

I hope you'll come back tomorrow and see what new inspiration I've found for a poem. Until then, you may want to read previous poems in this series. I'm also sharing these poems on my Instagram in case you want to see them all in one place. 

April 1 - Senryu to a photo of my grandmother as a child
April 2 - Haiku to my mother's recipe


  1. This is hilarious! What treasures you have!

  2. Oh my! Miniature message just never know what you will find! Nice dodoitsu.