Friday, April 15, 2022

Poetry Friday: NPM 2022 - Day 15

Today's poem is written to a photo of my mother and her cousin Earl. Earl Jr. was born in 1928, just fourteen months before my mom. I'm guessing this photo might be from 1931 or 1932. Mom always said Earl had the best toys. The rocking horse she's sitting on is pretty indicative of that. 

This poem is written as a senryu. Senryu is a three line poem written in the 5-7-5 form like haiku. While haiku focus on nature, senryu focus on human foibles. You can read more about senryu at How to Write Senryu Poems: Understanding the Senryu Form.

I hope you'll come back tomorrow and see what new inspiration I've found for a poem. Until then, you may want to read previous poems in this series. I'm also sharing these poems on my Instagram in case you want to see them all in one place. 

April 1 - Senryu to a photo of my grandmother as a child
April 2 - Haiku to my mother's recipe
April 3 - Dodoitsu to a war memento
April 4 - Choka to my mother's engagement announcement
April 5 - Gogyohka to the receipt for my mother's engagement ring
April 6 - Senryu to a student's drawing of my dad
April 7 - Tanka to a photo of my grandmother and her mother by a car
April 8 - Dodoitsu to a piece of V-mail from my great uncle 
April 9 - Senryu to a Christmas card from Paris during the war (1944)
April 10 - Somonka to a war letter to my father
April 11 - Dodoitsu to an early family portrait of my mother
April 12 - Senryu to a photo of WWII nose art 
April 13 - Senryu to a pair of postage stamps issued in 1934
April 14 - Somonka to a war letter to my father

Finally, I do hope you'll take some time to check out all the wonderful poetic things being shared and collected today by Matt Forrest Esenwine at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme. Happy poetry Friday friends. 


  1. I find it fascinating to imagine what life was like for our parents at that age; my mom was born in '32 and I have numerous photos of her from her baby pic all the way up through graduation and marriage. We don't often think of our parents as youngsters, so it's an interesting concept to consider!

  2. I love this old photo, Tricia. You make me want to dig in my attic again. I thought I found some oldies of my family. I really like the mischievous smile and your line. I will have to try a senryu one day.

  3. Tricia this is such a fun idea, to write poems from family photos! I love this! It could be a great birthday or holiday gift! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Tricia, I love your idea about writing poems about photos. I like Patricia's idea too about compiling them for a family book.

  5. Oh that is a wonderful idea - compiling poems with the photos that inspired them. A gift sure to be treasured. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. I believe that "Ducks have ducks" must be an expression I don't know! So wonderful, this photo.

    1. My best friend's mother said this and I say it all the time. It's so much better than "apples don't fall far from the tree."

  7. I'm so enjoying your project, Tricia. What a treasure the photos AND the poems are!