Thursday, April 02, 2009

How to Survive a Meeting - A List Poem

This post comes to you live from the conference center. As to the subject matter—I must follow the muse where she leads me.
How to Survive a Meeting

Choose a comfortable chair,
preferably one with a view.
Take out a notebook.
Even if it's new,
open near the middle.
Carefully smooth the binding.
Find a pen in your purse.
(Carry something other than black and blue.)
Select a cheerful color.
(It will make you smile later.)
Write the date—longhand, in mirror writing.
(It will give you something to puzzle over
and make you look studious.)
Nod your head.
Make eye contact with the speaker.
Look interested.
Cross and uncross legs repeatedly.
Tap your finger in iambic pentameter.
It looks just like note taking,
but is more productive
and better for the soul.
FYI - This was written in pink ink in my notebook and typed during a refreshment break. Now back to surviving.


  1. Hee! I love the tapping in iambic pentameter -- although if I did that, I'm pretty sure someone would notice.

    At least you have your pink pen...

  2. Oh, it's quiet tapping, accompanied by iambic head nodding and foot flexing!

  3. All these years, and I didn't know how.

    Now I do.