Thursday, April 02, 2009

Miss Rumphius meets The Joy of Children's Literature

I find it a bit disturbing that I have now taken to introducing myself as Miss Rumphius. After all, I don't look anything like the lady in the book, though I do try to act like her. I guess if you know me through blogging, it isn't really so strange. Today while the morning conference session was breaking up and we were heading to lunch, I walked by a woman who looked familiar (sort of). I caught of glimpse of her name tag which read Denise Johnson, College of William and Mary. It took a minute for that to register. When I realized who she was I walked over and said "Are you The Joy of Children's Literature? I'm Miss Rumphius!"

If you've met your blogging or online acquaintances in real life, you know how much fun it can be. I got to spend lunch talking to Denise about books. I also learned how amazing she is when she received an award given to outstanding teacher educators. Did you know she went back to the classroom for a year to serve as a reading specialist and while there earned National Board Certification? THAT is an amazing feat.

I'm thrilled to have met her. Here's the very blurry photographic proof. (She's the tall, striking one!)
If you haven't been to her blog, what are you waiting for? (BTW, she has written a book by the very same name, The Joy of Children's Literature. You should check that out too!)


  1. Cool. I met Denise (and her wonderful son) at the CNU conference a year ago. Soon all us bloggy folk will know each other in the real world!

  2. I've been fortunate to meet a few other bloggers and it's always a fun experience!

  3. When I think of Miss Rumphius, you are the person who comes to mind before the woman in the green cape. By the way, my mom made me a green cape when I was a sophomore in college, and then I discovered Miss Rumphius when I took Children's Literature as a junior. I was thrilled to have a cape like the one Miss Rumphius wore.

  4. Tricia,

    I was so disappointed that I couldn't make it out to the West Coast last fall for the Kidlit Bloggers Conference. I hope I can get to the conference this year. I would so love to meet you and other people I've come to know through blogging about children's literature.

    BTW, there's so much to read on blogs celebrating National Poetry Month, I can't keep up with all the posts.