Friday, April 10, 2009

Poetry Book Giveaways!

Since April began, 13 poets have been interviewed in the Poetry Makers series. If you've been reading this week, you'll have noticed that I'm giving away poetry books to two lucky readers who comment by midnight tonight. That is, comments must be received on that particular post. The catch is, I'm not telling you which one.

So far this week we've heard from:
These interviews provide a window into the soul of some pretty talented writers, so if you're in need of a dose of inspiration, you'll find a hefty one right here. Besides, there could be a free book of poetry in it for you, and even if you don't win, I promise you won't regret it!

P.S. - If you leave me a note here about what you love most about the series so far (not who, but what!), I'll enter you in the drawing to win a copy of the book Change Up: Baseball Poems, written by Gene Fehler and illustrated by Donald Wu.


  1. My favorite parts of the series so far are the poets describing their writing process and sharing their favorite writing/poetry quotes. The reason I like these 2 questions/sections best is because I'm a poet myself when I have the time. I like to know how others write. The quotes they share often in spire me to take a second look at poems I've written. Thanks again for doing the Poetry Makers Series, Tricia!

  2. There are several things. First, I love getting to know some new authors -- I was unfamiliar with all but Jane Yolen (she taught at my college while I was there eons ago, although I could never get into her class) -- we have many of her books. I love hearing the diverse ways the profiled authors came to poetry and how they go about the process. But mostly, I've loved the poems themselves. I love it when poems turn up in my daily blog feeds -- it's like a surprise present. This month, I've had more poetry in my life than I have in a long time. Thank you for that.

  3. My favorite part of the series so far is the consistency of the interview questions and the dazzling variety of the answers! It's intriguing to see how many different ways people get inspired and keep working.

    A close second: being introduced to some great new poets I wasn't familiar with!

  4. I just love the exposure to the variety of different poets/poetry. Honestly poetry is something I have paid very little attention to in the past 10+ years (since finishing school), and would like to start reading again, for myself and eventually with my son.

  5. Let me count the ways: I love the quotes I'm collecting that inspire me; I love the process tidbits that will inspire my students; I love meeting authors I've known as writers,but now meet as poets; I love discovering new poets and poems I know I'll share for years to come; I love the generosity of the poets. And I love the generosity of YOU for providing the space, the format, and the joy. Thanks!!

  6. My favorite part of the series is the poets telling about their writing process. It's always interesting to learn how successful writers go about getting their poems on the page/computer. Thanks!